Mark Polon, CCIM

Morning Keynote: Mark Polon, CCIM

10:30 - 11:45
Mark Polon, CCIM

Your marketing has got their attention.  NOW WHAT?

Learn how to turn initial interest into a lasting business relationship by participating in “Communication Skills, Doing it Live”, a 75-minute presentation designed to give you the tools to win the business and then keep it. 

“When enough people have similar talents and are competing for the same opportunities the real differentiator is interpersonal skills.”  Your customers and clients are more interested in how you handle yourself in a business relationship than they are about the content of your reports.

Communication Skills will improve your speaking skills, listening skills, telephone skills, email and texting skills, as well as your presentation skills.  Invest 75 minutes in this offering and attain a career’s worth of on going business.  

Effective communication = Efficiency, Efficiency = Profitability

Getting what you want is more dependent on how you present your ideas than about the ideas themselves. Your ability to effectively communicate will create greater efficiency in your work, and that will translate to greater profitability for you and your company.

Whether you are in the boardroom, addressing a large group, or one on one, the key to getting what you want is not your content, but your delivery.  Learn how to communicate persuasively and effectively on the phone, in person, and through written materials including emails, texts, reports, and proposals.


About Mark Polon

Mark Polon, CCIM, CDEI, has more than 35 years of experience in the field of real estate.  Over these years he has owned private real estate companies and has served as a corporate officer.  Over his career, he has presented to and provided expertise and training to the United States Government, commercial banks, savings and loans, for and not for profit corporations, residential and commercial real estate companies, and private individuals world wide.

Polon is currently President of RIISnet, a web based transaction platform that facilitates large commercial real estate transactions. His duties include overseeing all company activities, including REIT, private equity, and broker relationships.  Prior to joining RIISnet, Mark Polon served at the corporate level as Senior Executive Vice President for Prudential CRES and Vice President of Coldwell Banker Commercial Real Estate, both national commercial real estate franchise systems.  

Mark is also President and founder of Polon Consulting, a real estate consulting firm specializing in training commercial and residential companies and individual professionals in the hard and soft skills necessary for a successful and profitable business and career. He is available throughout the country to create company specific training programs.

Mark Polon holds the prestigious Commercial Real Estate designation of CCIM, Certified Commercial Investment Member of the CCIM Institute, as well as the Certified Distance Education Instructor designation He is also a senior instructor for the CCIM Institute where he teaches CI 101 (Investment Analysis) and CI 104 (Disposition Analysis), as well as a Troubled Assets Workshop, and a Reliable Valuations class for the CCIM Institute Ward Center, both written by Mark. He has received numerous awards for his excellence in instruction, including the Robert L Ward Instructor of the Year.

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